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RPM Counter 8280 Detect4

New Detect4 RPM Counter, the true universal RPM Counter, MOT Ready, easy to connect.


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Product Description

The latest generations of boxed engines, both Otto and Diesel, give little chance of connecting for the detection of RPM signals. To avoid a significant loss of time to access the traditional connection points, Motorscan has created the Universal RPM Counter DETEC 4 that eliminates connection problems by giving users alternative connection possibilities.

DETECT 4 is connected via:

– Magnetic vibration probe
– Battery of tested vehicle
– EOBD port

In addition the device is equipped with:

– Induction clamp wire transducer for Exhaust Gas Analyzer, if equipped with traditional system of signal detection with use of induction clamp.
– Cable to connect to Opacimeter (Smoke Meter).
– Flexible nylon probe for measuring oil temperature.

DETECT 4 has been designed to meet MOT standards, making it particularly suitable for MOT test centers; but also useful to all repair shops thanks to the alternative connection possibilities it offers for engine RPM reading.

Technical Specification

• Power supply from 9V DC to 32Vdc
• Electrical absorption: 800mA at 12Vdc
• NiMH 1.2V Type 3 batteries
• Charging time of 2 hours
• 56mm x 38mm backlit graphic LCD display with resolution of 124 x 64 points.
• Range: 0-9900 RPMs
• Resolution of ± 3% RPM
• Selection Cycles: 2-4 stroke
• Selection of number of cylinders from 1 to 12
• RPM vibration sensor (moving magnet accelerometer up to 300°C)
• RPM sensor from ripple (battery connection)
• RPM sensor (cable) from EOBD port
• Nylon temperature sensor (5 meters). Accuracy ± 2 ° C. Range: -50 °C to 150 °C
• Serial interface “RS unsuccessful MCTC Net”
• Class 1 Bluetooth Module (100 meters)
• TTL port: 0 to ± 5V for emission testers
• Wire transducer for induction clamp (for connection to Exhaust Gas Analyzers)
• MCTC Net2-Ready
• Power supply for charging of internal battery +15V DC 1A
• Operating/working temperature: 5°C to 40°C
• Storage temperature: -20°C to +50°C
• Relative humidity: ≤ 90 % (without condensation)
• Dimensions: 230mm x 100mm x 70mm (without case)
• Weight 480gr (without case)

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