Bluetooth 10001

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Product Description


Blue-In 10001/96 Kit Bluetooth 9600 baud rate

Blue-In.10001/192 Kit Bluetooth 19200 baud rate

Power Consumption: 70 mA

Max distance in open space: 100 m

Dimensions: 58x33x16 mm

10001/96 connectable to items: 8020, 9010, 700NET, 8040,8050,8060,8070,8071,9011

10001/192 connectable to items: 5800, 5820, 5821

For a correct working also the dongle for the PC Blue-Out mod. 10000 is available.

KIT BLUETOOTH FOR PC 10000 is equipped with:

USB keys,

CD with the software necessary for the operation,

Detailed instructions for a correct installation

Operating system: Windows 98 II edition or following

Max distance in open space: 100 m

10001_en  Brochure Kit Bluetooth 10001 (English)